Abstract Submission

The VICEPHEC programme always contains a mixture of presentations and interactive sessions, and this year is no exception. We invite potential presenters to submit an abstract for any of the following:

  • Oral Presentations – 15 minutes (10 mins talk plus 3-4 mins questions)
  • Oral Bites – 5 minutes
  • Poster
  • Workshops – 90 minutes
  • Labsolutely Fabulous – Come and demonstrate your fantastic new practicals

The deadline for submissions was June 10th and has now passed. However, we can accommodate more posters, so if you would like to do one of those please email vicephec-19@bristol.ac.uk.


We welcome any submissions relating to the learning and teaching of physics and chemistry in higher education, and would consider other related areas such as the transition from A-level to University or links with employability.

We would particularly welcome submissions from PhD students and early career academics.


Abstracts will be anonymised before being distributed to our independent review panel. Any demographic data information collected will only be used for post-selection review of process to aid future events and will not be available during the review process.